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With the TruDoc SA virtual clinic, you and employees will now be able to speak to our fulltime doctors to get reliable and ethical medical advice founded in Evidence Based Medicine. With TruDoc 24×7 virtual clinic, you can have a video consultation with our highly trained and licensed doctors and at the same time check your vital signs by using easy-to-use, integrated smart devices that are connected to our call center via Bluetooth.  Your readings will sync to our call center where our doctors are available 24×7, monitoring your readings.

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With TruDoc SA, you can have access to quality care from anywhere in the world, whether at your home, office, on a business trip or on vacation, through our bi-directional, integrated, and interactive mobile application, which gives you immediate access to our highly trained and licensed doctors and wellness experts who will assist you with your medical and wellness needs. We speak your language, whether English, Xhosa, isiZulu, or Afrikaans.

Cutting edge, innovative technology – TruDoc SA’s bi-directional integrated mobile application is a one-stop shop to access our services.


Visiting the doctor’s office has become a burden and an inconvenience. In fact, most people try to self-diagnose and self-treat rather than take a trip to the doctor’s office. With TruDoc SA You have access to reliable, convenient, and cost-effective care – all at the click of a button! Our doctors will give you informed medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine.


Unnecessary healthcare services or misaligned medical practice frequently contribute to significant healthcare overuse, resulting in annual increases in the medical loss ratio and health insurance premiums. Individuals should receive the healthcare they require, not the one they can afford, through TruDoc SA.

Doctors at TruDoc SA practice Evidence-Based Medicine, which is based on NHS International Guidelines, and will provide you with accurate and trustworthy medical advice. Your employees may communicate with doctors and wellness professionals from anywhere in the world, whether at home, at work, or on the road.

For Governments

Healthcare services or mismatched medical practices frequently contribute to significant healthcare overuse, which is a financial burden on the economy. Individuals receive the healthcare they require, not the one they can afford, with TruDoc SA.

It is a population management system that provides primary healthcare services in response to the need for more efficient usage of various levels of clinical care while also providing individuals with a convenient service.

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We believe that the patient always comes first. With our patient-centric approach, we ensure that you are truly educated about your condition and engaged in its management, thus ensuring better clinical outcomes.

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