24×7 Population Health Management

Medical Tele-Consulting Services

TruDoc SA provides you with access to highly trained and licensed doctors for acute and chronic conditions to help manage or provide advice via voice, video calls and live chat anytime, from anywhere in the world.

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Seeing a doctor has never been easier
Welcome to TruDoc

TruDoc SA is South Africa’s leading 24/7 population health management provider of medical tele-consulting services. With TruDoc you can access HPCSA registered healthcare professionals via voice or video calls as well as live chat, whether for preventative, acute or chronic care.

Focused on You
Why choose TruDoc 24x7
Service Quality

We strive to do what’s right by telling you the truth and giving you what you need, not what you can afford.


We believe that the patient always comes first. We ensure that you are truly educated about your condition and engaged in its management.


We believe in empowering and educating patients and we provide them with round-the-clock support.


“I hope the people in my hometown truly appreciate how fortunate we are to have such a competent and committed staff of professionals like those at TruDoc 24x7. From this experience, I realized that there are people who really care about making a difference, and the world needs more people like those at TruDoc24x7 who put all their heart and soul into their work. Many thanks to each and everyone there. You saved my daughter as well as my holiday.”

The care I received at TruDoc 24x7 was absolutely fantastic. All explanations were clear, and the support from the staff was much superior than I had expected, resulting in a far better experience than I had anticipated. I have to say that I felt more informed and more knowledgeable about my particular healthcare problem.”

Glad I called TruDoc 24x7- it prevented me from self-medicating and perhaps taking the wrong meds! All I needed was cough syrup to get me better!”

TruDoc 24x7 onsite doctors and teleconsultation services really saved me a lot of unnecessarily wasted time waiting in ques in hospitals and trying to find the right doctor. They are well western and locally trained doctors available 24x7 for help and guidance. I personally had bad experience with private hospitals and clinics where they just prescribe as many medications and blood tests as possible just to change the insurance. This is not the case at all with TruDoc 24x7, they just do the needful and what is really required for you. I cordially want to thank TruDoc 24x7 for changing my life.”

Health Management
Services to fit your needs
Benefits for Employees/Members
  • 24×7 access to highly trained and licensed doctors and wellness experts.
  • Honest and ethical medical advice based on Evidence Based Medicine.
  • Immediate access to reliable medical advice. No long waiting hours to speak to a doctor.
  • Condition management at your convenience – Repeat prescriptions, 24×7 remote telemonitoring, appointment booking, if required, and medication delivery, where available.
Benefits for Employers
  • Control overutilization and ensure your employees are protected from unethical medical practice.
  • Reduce sick leave and absenteeism.
  • Control medical loss ratios.
  • Keep your employees healthy and productive.
Benefits for Government
  • Reduce wastage and overutilization
  • Reduce unnecessary demand on emergency services
  • Reduce hospital bed days and unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Reduce avoidable hospital admissions

International Experience

Boasting 10 years of operational excellence

TruDoc SA is affiliated with TruDoc International, which has been in operation for more than a decade with its service already taken up by 6 700 multinational companies and government clients.

During this period, it has already amassed a total of 24 million members.

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